Friday, October 30, 2015

A Month of Honesty: Day 30

Only one more day left, after today! 
I will do a round up too, one day next week, as I won't get a chance to take pictures, and get measured, until the 1st of November.

We actually got to nip out of the house today as a family, possibly not for the best reasons though! Firstly it was a quick trip to the Appliance store, to buy a new washing machine. My machine takes a bit of a battering, with quilts needing washing a few times a week. This week it started to sound rather funny, the drum was moving in all sorts of ways it shouldn't be. 

Little A detests shopping, so that shopping trip was very brief and to the point!

Then, it was the bi-annual family outing to the dentist! First we had to drag the teen out of bed to go for the appointment at 2, it is half term after all! All went well, thankfully, and it's another 6 months before we have to go back, phew.

So, today's:


Breakfast: 2 Slices of a large Bloomer loaf, with marmite
Lunch: Onion rings (a big bag of crisps)
Dinner: 2 Chargrilled chicken breasts, cauliflower, broccoli and green beans
Snacks: 2 chocolate digestives, apple and an orange.


It's going up!

Well Being and Mental Health:

I've decided to tie these 2 together today, as they are tied together. I think, because I'm feeling better, and we've got out of the house, I feel better mentally. It's very much looking out for myself, and my mental well being. 

Look after your body and your mind.


Over all it's been a good day. Hubby still has the cold, but it doesn't seem to be hitting him has hard. I'm not sure if this is because I was a wimp, or he's being a tough guy!

How do you expect me to do this month?
More importantly, if you had eaten like I have, how would YOU expect to do?

I am curious about your viewpoint.

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  1. Well done for only eating *two* chocolate digestives. ��
    That washing machine (from what you say) had drum bearings a bit far gone. Often not worth repairing... New one a good idea. Just remember new ones have to be welcomed with kitchen dancing! ��


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