Thursday, October 22, 2015

A Month of Honesty: Day 22

What a great day! I have spent the day with my mum, in Cardiff, shopping. We spent a load of vouchers we had collected, along with cash.

I've got a lovely new jacket, some footless tights I've been looking for. I've also bought myself some new crocheting hooks from John Lewis. That's enough to make anyone smile: new clothes and something for your favourite hobby.

So my mental health is great, it was the day out I needed. My Well being is good too, a bit of fresh air does everyone some good.


Go me!! Who knew shopping could be so good for you?!


Breakfast: Toasted bacon sandwich
Lunch: half of this...
Jealous much? (We didn't eat it all)
Tea: A plate of oven chips (I fancied a bag of chips, but decided to be good)
Snacks: A little pot of coconut pieces, from M&S

I think that's a pretty awesome day!

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  1. Shopping sends my fitbit mad, I get a few thousand mooching about Primark. Lol


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