Tuesday, October 20, 2015

A Month of Honesty: Day 20

Today went a bit off course! Not through my bad planning, just a life with 3 kids (plus some additional needs) getting in the way.

Our youngest is still unwell and still off school. He was loads better today, but they do physical activities today and I think that could have made him feel rough again. So he'll be back tomorrow. 

RJ was home yesterday, because he was exhausted after scout camp AND had his brothers cough. He went back to school today though.

So my morning started with hubby trying to get him out of bed, while the youngest climbed in with me to watch a bit of TV (read: stay out of the way). We also tried to wake the teen from 7:30am. We failed on all fronts! 

RJ had to be driven to school, to get there on time, the teen didn't surface until 10am..........he should have been in college by 9:15, and has a 45 min bus ride to get there. UGH

So after he mumbled out of the house, I rushed some breakfast and went to have my hair done. 2.5 hours later, and with pink hair, I returned home.

I had decided on a, veg packed, bolognaise for dinner, but realised I had no tinned tomatoes. Trip to the shop for the mister (it's only 100 yards away), while I made toast for the little un. Halfway through buttering the toast, the phone rings, RJ had a nose bleed that, at the time of the call, had been going for half an hour! So as the hubby walked in, I rushed out to collect him from school.

I got him home, finally managed to stop his nose bleeding, which by now had been going for 50 minutes. DOUBLE UGH.

So, as you can imagine, bolognaise went out of the window, and oven chips, broad beans and gravy was a quick throw together!

At this point I realised I wasn't feeling too good, I had a headache brewing which was making me feel a bit fuzzy. This is when I realised that I hadn't taken any of my tablets that day, so far. This is from a woman who takes 15 tablets, and 1 injection, daily. 9 of which are usually taken by, around, 2pm?! TRIPLE UGH.

So after taking the appropriate medication I was sent, by Mr. Ojo, to lie down for a little while. Whilst lying there I really felt woozy, and tonight was a Zumba night. 

After an hour of lying down, I decided that Zumba would probably make me feel better, so went. I was right, it did make me feel better! I danced, laughed and got some exercise. Resulting in 7.5k steps, including 53 active minutes (according to my fitbit stats).

Now I'm home, having had some Melba toast with lactose free cheese followed by a satsuma. The children are in bed, and I'm ready to go up soon, but determined to have a little time with the mister first!

I wanted to write today's post like this, so you could see what days can be like in this house. I'm not saying that this is an average day, but most of my days are very similar!

I've still managed to get in exercise and 4 portions of veg (and I may pick at a packet of baby corn now, which is another 2), so I don't think I'm doing too bad!

What do you think?

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  1. A thing called life, Jo. A thing called life. You're not doing badly at it... ��


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