Monday, October 19, 2015

A Month of Honesty: Day 19

I was going to do today's post as a vlog, but time got away from me! So I will do one day as a vlog soon, and see how it goes. 

However, here is today's written post:


Breakfast: 2 toast with Marmite.
Dinner: 2 Brains faggots and green beans, with a slice of fresh bread
Tea: 2 onion bagels, lactofree cheese, lettuce, radish and spring onion
Snacks: packet of crisps, orange, baby corn, satsuma. (So chuffed to see satsumas in the shops again!)


See those active minutes?! Thank you Zumba.

General Well Being:

Still a bit tired, hoping the tablets will kick in soon.

Mental Health:

Feeling a bit negative today, about my weight loss. I haven't been weighing or measuring, I wanted to keep it to the first, and last, day of the month. 
I am just in the mindset of 'it won't work, it never does'.
I know that doesn't help, that thinking positive is the way to go, so I will shake it off. 
I had a visit off an old friend this morning, that definitely lifted my mood. It's a joy to catch up sometimes!


So that's another day done, are you seeing anything really wrong with my food, so far? I try to cut back the Carbs, but that goes better some days, than others.

Let's get some positivity moving around here!

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  1. Hey Jo!
    What a great way to record your progress! Don't be disheartened, the point is you're doing it! ❤ I seriously need to do a declutter diary, a bit each day to keep me motivated. Thanks for the inspiration xxx


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