Sunday, October 18, 2015

A month of Honesty: Day 18

Firstly, I have had a realisation today. Doing this every day has really inspired me again, reminded me just how much I love blogging. The interaction with people has been wonderful.

On to today:


Breakfast: Boiled egg and 2 pieces of bread
Lunch: A plate full of vegetables with homemade gravy, roast beef, 3 roast potatoes and 1 Yorkshire pudding.
Tea: 1 packet of Quavers, 2 finger rolls and an orange.
Snacks: 1 piece of homemade Swiss roll, 2 homemade marshmallow, 1 mini cupcake (if you saw the amount I baked yesterday, you would be VERY pleased to eat as little as I did!)


I wouldn't even have done that much, if I hadn't stepped around the house while running a bath for the tween!

Mental Health:

I'm very happy! The tween went on his first scout camping trip and absolutely loved it. This makes me happier than I can express, without skipping up the road waving a happy banner.
I'm a bit bummed that I missed Zumba, but him coming home was more important today. I'm only planning on going 3 times a week for a while, until my fitness level is even better. So I shall just hit it Mon, Tues and Thurs this week.

General Well Being:

Again, feeling a bit tired. As you can see from the exercise picture above, I had a long sleep, yesterday too. However, the sleep is very restless and broken. I'm hoping all the meds I'm taking start kicking in soon, then I'll feel better. 

Thanks for your continued support, and advice. Also thanks to Mr. Ojo, who cooked today's Sunday roast and didn't over fill my plate, but gave me loads of veg.

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