Friday, October 16, 2015

A Month of Honesty: Day 16

The response to yesterdays question, should I carry on with my month of honesty? Was a yes.

So here I am, still going!

General Well Being:

I am starting with this one, because it's been the biggest thing on my mind today.
I finally made it to my Dr today. I don't know what I was expecting, but it turns out I have insufficient vitamin D in my system. It was no big surprise that something else was wrong, as I'm still tired all the time. It was the questions that followed. He asked was I malnourished? Did I have any gut issues? Am I eating right? 

I am stunned. I didn't even consider the implications until I'd left. If Mr. Ojo had been with me he probably would've asked more questions. For example: If it's not normal to be this deficient, why aren't you trying to find out why? Wouldn't that be cheaper on the NHS, than giving me yet more medication?

Granted the medication for this is 2 ampules of liquid every month, but still! I really don't want to google everything that's wrong with me, I'm sure the results won't be positive! 

Mental Health:

Although feeling, for the most part, happy. I've been a little on edge since the appointment. I've been a bit snappy, add to that my son is going on his 1st camping trip.............eeeek!


Not a great day, but not bad considering there have been no school runs, for most of the week.


Breakfast: Grilled bacon and 2 small rolls.
Dinner: Green beans and 2 Chicken Kiev (I did have oven chips on my plate, but only ate a couple, then gave them up for more green beans)
Tea: Packet of crisps 
Snacks: Liquorice allsorts and an orange (I've been fancying something sweet, hence the liquorice)

So what do you think, so far? I know I have a fairly boring diet, but I'm not a fan of fish, or red meat, so I do my best! I'm also trying to get vegetables in every day.

What am I missing?


  1. I have become Vitamin D deficient since my son lost interest in the outside world. I used to be outdoors all the time - with the kids - but not any more. Maybe that's why you're deficient too? I don't think it's anything to worry about, once you take supplements to make it up x

    1. I think I'm only worried because of everything else x

  2. Way to go for swapping the chips for beans. Snap re the allsorts, I am busy munching on some while I write this.

    1. I was pleased I didn't eat many! haha x

  3. Great positives are that you are seeking help and support and that you are taking active steps to improve your health on all fronts. You will be inspiring others


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