Thursday, October 15, 2015

A Month of Honesty: Day 15

So we are, pretty much, at the half way point? What do you think so far? Have you learnt anything about me, or have some ideas of what I could change?

You will have learnt that I take more medication than the average 80 year old, which the doctors reckon has nothing to do with my lack of weight loss. 

You may also have noticed that I have zero self confidence, and punish myself far too much for any bad choices I make!

On to today:


Breakfast: Bowl of Bran Flakes with lactofree milk
Lunch: Pasta, sweetcorn, mayo and chicken tikka pieces
Dinner: Burgers and onions cooked on the George Foreman grill, in bread rolls.
Snacks: Packet of crisps


Back to Zumba! New trainers meant I could shake my ass much easier.

General Well Being:

Feeling fantastic today! The hormonal time is easing, I am feeling awake. I have an appointment with the Dr tomorrow, lets hope it's an easy fix.

Mental Health:

Feeling very positive, and a bit of a dance tonight definitely help the happiness.

So, should I keep going? What do you think?

I would love some feedback.

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