Wednesday, October 14, 2015

A Month of Honesty: Day 13 & 14

I do apologise for missing yesterday, I very nearly didn't do it today either. I shall explain all.

Well being:

In all honesty, feeling a little under the weather. Hormones are playing a big part in this, I am drained, with the onset of a possible migraine. 
Last night I was fortunate to be invited to an event in Cardiff with Hotter Shoes and Taking Shape. It was a glorious evening but, by the time I had driven home, utterly exhausting.

Mental Health:

I'm not feeling sad, or down, just exhausted.


Yesterday: Egg, fried bread, mushrooms and beans. Marmite sandwich and a packet of crisps. Salted peanuts. Event food = mini sausage rolls, chicken kebabs, Nachos and salted caramel profiteroles (there was a large selection, this is just what I picked at. Also, I didn't eat a lot of it!)

Today: Bacon Roll, fat removed. Crisps. Potato wedges and Battered chicken breast, both oven baked, with sweetcorn and a slice of bread (I really don't have much appetite today, the brewing headache may be responsible).



No screenshot, but with total steps of 1,221, there's no real point!

The upside to all this being hormonal, is it will pass quickly. Also thanks to, I'm hoping, improved iron I have coped this month better than most. 

So tomorrow, I should be back to normal.........and back to Zumba!


  1. Gosh Jo, this is really inspiring! Well done on recording your goals and being honest. A blog really does help with that, doesnt it?

    1. It's helping me this month, because I'm getting some valuable feedback xx


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