Monday, October 12, 2015

A Month of Honesty: Day 12

It's been an odd old day, today.


Oh yes, I did. Very glad I did too! Felt really invigorated after Zumba tonight, glad I got over my sulk.

Mental Health:

Another day of turning negatives away. Hormones should have me in a right mess, but I refuse to allow it. I'm not going to let the little things bother me. There has been a fatal crash, involving 2 teenage boys, near to wear I live. I didn't know the boys, but it certainly makes you realise just how precious our life is.

General Well Being:

I have slept most of today away, again. Purely hormones to blame, this time, as 'that' time of the month finally arrived. Being Pre-Menopausal means I'm all over the place, it's exhausting.


Breakfast: 2 Crumpets with Vitalite Margarine
Lunch: 2 thin sausage, Yorkshire pudding, oven chips, green beans (loads!) and leftover gravy.
Tea: Aldi dark chocolate with nuts (I actually put some in the fridge, as I didn't fancy it all! But it did get rid of the urge for choc), 1 piece of bread
No Snacks


Today was a day of sleeping, so to reach the activity levels I did, is fantastic. I'm not beating myself up over anything I've eaten, just sharing what I did eat. I think my SlimPod is really working. I have freed myself from the guilt of eating anything *bad*. This meant I enjoyed the chocolate I did eat, then stopped when I'd had enough.

When overweight, it's guilt that makes a lot of us eat more. We eat chocolate, we feel guilty about eating chocolate, we eat more chocolate to make ourselves feel better, then we beat ourselves up about it..............and the cycle continues?!

Get rid of the guilt!

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