Sunday, October 11, 2015

A Month of Honesty: Day 11

Today has been a mixture of all things wonderful! 

Mental Health:

After a lazy lie in, my mum picked up my 2 youngest for the afternoon. She took them to look for some fireworks, then a McDonald's lunch THEN she took them back to hers for a few hours.

Me and the hubby ate a lovely roast dinner, followed by a cwtchy afternoon watching a movie (and snoozing on my part). It was wonderful and relaxing. I feel at peace. 

After a week of thinking positive, I went back to Zumba. It was wonderful, I feel energised and happy. I also had a good chat to my Zumba instructor, who told me not to be so hard on myself. She's right, and now I feel like I have someone I can talk to, if I feel that way again.

General Well Being:

I am still feeling well and healthy. I did fall asleep this afternoon, but I believe it was more about being cosy in my hubby's arms, than the lack of any vitamins.


Today is all about quality, not quantity. There are 49 active minutes on there folks! Proud of that.


Meal 1: 2 bread, mayo and grated lactofree cheese
Meal 2: Roast beef, roast potatoes, broad beans, cauliflower, sprouts and homemade gravy. (I love Sundays)
Meal 3: 2 Oranges, packet of crisps
Snacks: Naan bread and BabyCorn.
(Laid out slightly differently as, after a busy morning, I didn't really have breakfast)

I really feel positive, doing this every day. My Zumba instructor worried about me putting too much pressure on myself, and she's right, I do. However this month, so far, this is actually making me more positive about who I am, and what I do/eat. 

I'm not unhealthy, I'm not unfit, I just happen to be overweight. As she also pointed could be worse!


  1. You are doing SO well. Keep going gorgeous lady xx


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