Saturday, October 10, 2015

A Month of Honesty: Day 10

I'm just going to jump straight in today, as I'm late getting to it.


Breakfast: 2 egg omelet with onions, mushrooms and grated cheese (yes again, it was delicious)
Lunch: Meatballs in gravy with 2 slices of bread
Dinner: Pitta bread, kebab meat and salad
Snacks: Value packet of crisps and an orange


A wonderfully lazy Saturday, and I make absolutely no apologies for it!

Mental Health:

I've had an utterly chilled day, down my 'shed'. I've watched downloaded TV shows on my laptop, crocheted and put on false nails! That makes for one VERY happy Ojo.

General Well Being:

Again, feeling healthy and wide awake. Whether it's because I've not done a lot, I don't know. I shall do more tomorrow and see how that goes.

Overall, today has been a blissfully peaceful day. After the week we've had, this was a blessing.

I would also like to thank my twitter friend Stella (the link is to her blog page), for making me think about fruit. I am really not a lover of fruit, but after a chat, I remembered that I do love a nice sweet orange! So you may notice that one is included today.

I'm so pleased that I'm getting feedback like that, I've also had someone mention my Carb intake, so I've monitored that more closely the last few days. This is exactly the kind of thing I was hoping to gain from this experience.

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