Monday, October 26, 2015

A Month of Honesty: A catch up

So, you may have noticed a lack of posts this weekend. I did forewarn you that there wouldn't be one Saturday, because I was out drinking. Then I missed yesterday because I thought I was seriously hung over.

Turns out, I was...........but I'm also full up with the cold my sons had (thanks for sharing kids, means the world). There's also been a major upset in our finances, that's going to take some work to sort out. I won't be without, thankfully, because I plan and budget well. It does feel like yet another thing to deal with though!

Anyway, on to it:

Well being:

 Apart from a stinking cold, I feel OK. Trying to work out if I can make it to Zumba tonight, or if I'll cough/sneeze/leak bodily fluids throughout, which no one needs to see!

Mental Health

I feel calm, happy and loved. Hubby popped to the shop earlier, and came back with flowers. Nothing makes me happier than unexpected flowers.


As expected, Saturday was filled with too much booze (way, way, too much booze). However, we did finish the night with, quite a healthy, Subway!
Sunday was a mahoosive roast dinner, almost a plateful of vegetables though, so not horrific. I ate a bag of chocolate peanuts, thanks to hangover belly (you've heard of that, right? It's when you've been drinking and want to eat everything the next day!). Apart from that, it was pretty normal.
Today has been better, lactose free cheese on toast, a pasty for lunch and fruit as snacks. I will be having a homemade bolognese for tea, again packed with vegetables, and extra lean beef mince.

I have had a very helpful conversation with Thinking Slimmer today. She is the only other person (my Zumba instructor being the other one) that really wants to help me with my weight loss. She also can't understand why I'm not losing, given what I eat, unlike my Dr though, she is coming up with different ideas to try.

From tomorrow, I'm going to stop eating carbs, after 4pm. I normally eat my main meal through the day, so this shouldn't be too hard.  


Saturday I managed, just over, 7K steps, mostly walking from one pub to another, and a bit of dancing!
Sunday was, almost, 3K steps, can't quite believe I managed that many in all honesty.
Today I'm on 1.3K steps, and undecided on Zumba (see above)

So that's my weekend summed up. It was basically booze and hangover fuelled! Surely everyone deserves a life though, whatever your size? I felt good about myself, as you can see:

I think feeling good is as important as looking good.

It's also good to know that someone, who works in the inch loss industry, doesn't understand why I'm not losing! I cannot express enough how much better I feel, having someone on my side.

What was your weekend like? 
Did you get any chill time? 

If you are you struggling to lose weight, and can relate to anything I am posting, please reach out. If not to me, then to someone who cares about you.

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