Saturday, September 19, 2015


Yes, Whoops. That seems the most appropriate title. I said I was going to give myself more time, I failed!

I forget that I am a carer, forget that is important to look after myself, in order to look after others.


This has to change, so I've decided to copy something I saw a fellow blogger (and friend, fitbit foe, and all round funny lady) do. For one month Chaos in Kent held herself publicly accountable, by sharing her fitbit stats online. 

Only I've decided to take it a step further. On October 1st, I'm going to get my Zumba instructor to measure me, last time she did this I had lost 5" overall! Then, on a daily basis I am going to share:

My ups and downs, regarding food
My step count, according to fitbit
How I feel

I will not be posting:

My weight
My measurements
A food diary

Those things are deeply personal, and not yet for public consumption. As for a food diary, I do not keep one since starting Thinking slimmer. It makes me too obsessed with food, which is never a good thing!

I do not expect you to read every single post. However, if you feel like joining me on this journey, please do.

I am letting myself go. I don't enjoy nights out anymore, and find an excuse to get out of it, especially if it includes food.

Hopefully publicly sharing my journey will encourage me to do more, I would love any support or encouragement you can offer.

Bring on the 1st of October!


I do love comments and read them all, please be nice and tboughful to others x