Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Where have I been? Part 2:

The overall answer is roughly the same, sleeping.........a lot.

There may be another reason for it though, and it's something nobody really talks about:

Yup, it appears to be arriving at my doorstep. They call it pre-menopausal, when you originally start. Quite frankly, I think that's a load of nonsense! I get all the same symptoms, hot flashes, night sweats etc. The only real difference is the gap between menstrual cycles.

I have to say, I'm not sorry if this is too personal. I have spent hours trawling the Internet for information, before actually approaching my Dr. The info is very thinly spread.

It's almost like a hidden subject, but why? Is it because it's a sign of 'growing old'?

I don't see it like that. I see it as the next chapter. Life changes, the female body changes, what's the alternative? I will be talking about it, over the coming months, because someone has to, don't they? I know that this post is filled with more question marks, than answers, but that is how I feel!

I will be trying to cope without any medication, my mum did, so why can't I? I won't shy away from talking about it, why should I!?

So that's where I've been. That's one of the reasons I've been slightly amiss lately, and may be in the future. There are days when I'm just too busy, caring for my bunch. There are also days when I just can't seem to get my brain functioning as it should. 

I would like to say, and this is very important:
I have been to the doctor, who has agreed with me, that I'm on the 'change'. 

However, if you notice ANY change to your menstrual cycle, please seek medical advice. 


  1. At least you know what is the probable cause. I agree with your stance of trying to get through it without medication, I will be doing exactly the same and will research diet and natural remedies etc to help get through. I am 36 and feel I am heading this way, it seems young but I know my mum was about 41. My cycles are getting more erratic, I am recording them, and sometimes the hot flushes I get are unbearable. Sometimes it sucks to be a girl! You'll come out the other side, everyone does, but in the meantime just keep talking to us about it if it helps - it may help others going through it too x

    1. Yes, my mum was finished by 45, I'm 42. I will keep working about it, if it helps just one person, it'll be worth it xx

  2. Hope you're ok Jo. Definitely talk about it. I loved Grace and Frankie on Netflix as it mentioned it, the symptoms and remedies a lot, which I thought was refreshing to see. xxx

    1. It so unusual to see it talked about in a positive light!? I shall look up that show x

  3. I have been going through it for a few years. Ended up going the HRT route as the flushes got too much and I couldn't cope with life..... and you know how hard it is bringing up kiddies on the spectrum!


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