Friday, September 25, 2015

When they say all the right things....

.......But you just can't see it.

I've had the 1st of my appointments, this one with the diabetic nurse.

She really is saying all the right things, and pushing me to see the positives.

I DO see that my blood pressure is lower, but I'm still taking meds for it?!

Yes, I DID lose 5" according to my Zumba instructors measurements, but your scales are NOT MOVING! (If it doesn't matter.......why weigh me!?)

Yes, I'm doing all the right things, in regard to my diet yet my sugars went UP slightly this month.

I know that this is not the right attitude to have, but can't we all be allowed to get a little pissed off sometimes?

I'm still going to the Docs on Monday, I'm also still going ahead with the public accountability posts, next month.

If you can see where I am going wrong, do tell me. Mr. Ojo is also going help, by eating roughly the same food as me, next month. If he loses weight, and I don't.......what does that say?

Honestly, any answers!

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  1. Have you had your Thyroid checked? Have you cut out carbs? Damn right, we are all allowed to be pissed off now and then...... xx


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