Thursday, September 03, 2015

Reasons to be Cheerful

So it's September already. School is back, summer is over (not that we actually had one!). Also, more importantly Reasons is back with me, for the month. 

The blog hop has been in the safe, and very busy, hands of Becky at Lakes Single Mum. You may have noticed me missing last week, I had zero WiFi on my holiday, and was busy having a horrible time.

I'm here this week, though, and I am finding reasons to smile again:

1. Project house. Yes, we are off again! This time it's rewiring and de-cluttering. The second is actually caused by the first. Having to move everything about, to have the whole house rewired, is making us realise how much crap we have gathered. It's not pleasant having a tip for a house, but safety is worth it.

2. Back to school. I'm sorry. I've said it before, I've never been glad to see the end of the school holidays..........this year I really am. Making it 10 times better, however, is how much my boys are loving their new classes.

3. Back to Zumba. I was only gone for a week, but, boy I missed it! Seeing my steps go back up, is an added bonus, I can feel myself, feeling better. Oh! And to top it off, measurements before I went away, showed that I had lost 5 inches since the week after I started!! 

So that's my reasons to smile this week! What's making you smile, don't forget how much I love to read them.

Now everything is going back to normal, I'm going to catch up on last weeks too.


  1. I need to do Wii Zumba again! We haven't gone back yet but I am sure we will all be smiling.

  2. Great news on the inches and school happiness for all of you! Decluttering always makes me feel better, hope it works for you too xx

  3. Love that you always come back with some reasons to be cheerful! Two sleeps until school here but in with you! Keep up the good work!xx


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