Saturday, September 05, 2015

Is it Sensory Processing Disorder?

With the lack of support for parents, that have children with Autism, I have been left with no where to turn, but my blog.

You see, I'm not sure if I'm overreacting, or if little A may have SPD too.

Little A hates to be touched sometimes, but loves to be cuddled (in fact he give the most awesome cwtches, when he does).

He will normally be found with a piece of BluTac in his hands, he almost finds it soothing.

I have never cut his finger nails, or toenails, or cleaned his ears. He simply cannot cope. He really does seem to find it painful.

His haircuts have been a challenge from day 1. I mostly do them (I actually think I'm getting quite good). It's still a challenge, but with certain tactics I can get us through it, although hair clippers are still a huge no no.

He hates being dressed. He spends most of his time in his pants, although he discovered onesies are OK(ish). We have to be quite particular about the close we buy/make. My other children have always worn hand knitted jumpers, little A simply can't cope with them. I've often had to turn his socks inside out, so that he is comfortable.

He is incredibly picky with food. 'Wet' food has never passed his lips (think gravy, baked beans). He is put off my the smell of food. Today I am making burgers, as soon as they are on the grill, he will be complaining about the smell in the house. Although, other days I could be cooking a curry and he won't even notice! He had a huge meltdown, on our way to holidays, because we stopped in a carvery. The smell of the roast dinner was just too much for him.

Are these signs of SPD, or are they just another part of his Autism?

There are days where he will hurt himself, and barely notice. Then there are days where just brushing past him will make him cry?!

How do I tell the difference, and should I even bother? I mean, he's almost 8, we've managed this long, right?

Do any of my readers have experience of Sensory Processing Disorder? 

Could you share this post, if people you know, have experience.

I would love to know what to do next.


  1. I would say he most likely does have spd it goes very much hand in hand other autism. I have this great book you'll have message me because right now I can't remember it but it has been so helpful. We don't have support, we are in a list for classes to understand spd but I doubt I'll go. I've found the Internet to be a grand help. And check out Pink Oddy on Twitter who blogs lots about spd. Little A is tactile sensitive and it sounds like yours mah be too. Mine is opposite though, hates bare skin I've even had to buy long sleeped shirts for all aspects of school and no shorts for pe! He is a sensory seeker so can be like a bloody bull in a china shop and very over the top with us at home. He hates being sticky. He doesn't lie hot and is food fussy only eating one item on the plate, the crunchier the food is a winner wet food not too bad but you know what I don't even know anymore! He doesn't have a huge food range and its caused some medical problems for us well him. You should be able to get further help as you have a diagnosis already for Little A and spd isn't very well known but very common after all we all have sensory preferences it's just some are better equipped to deal with those we can't tolerate so much xxx

  2. This screams SPD to me. My little man is the same. Pretty sure I have it too although I have 45 years worth of coping skills behind me. S' SPD varies. The more anxious he gets, the worse it is. Some days he can tolerate the hoover with his hands over his ears, others, he screams despite the muffle of his hands. He was diagnosed with it at the same time as the autism. In my opinion it goes hand in hand with autism as most autists have sensory issues.

  3. Almost identical issues here, no diagnosis though. I just work around the problems and he understands them now too, which helps x

  4. I have no idea but I have always go with my gut instincts.
    Sorry I can be no help but I've shared xxx


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