Wednesday, September 30, 2015

Holiday Shopping

Yup, I know I said I wouldn't be taking the boys on holiday next year, but we all knew I would really.

This years holiday was traumatic for everyone. The weather was atrocious, so what was supposed to be a lovely beach side break ended up being the week from hell.

A very expensive week from hell.

With 2 of my boys having autism, the lack of WiFi was a huge problem. I know we are supposed to be encouraging our children outdoors, but you're not allowed to judge unless you have a child with special needs! It changes the landscape of a holiday totally.

If the weather is bad they will allow you to entertain them for a while, then they need their own space. They need to escape the stimulation life is giving them. I'm not speaking for all autistic children, just mine.

There is also the problem of club houses. They are loud, bright and over stimulating. If my boys can cope, the come down after is REALLY hard.

So with all these lessons learnt the hard way, this year, we have put our thinking caps on. Next year we are looking at cottage holidays.............with WiFi! We've found some that are ideal, so far. Close to a beach, in case we do have sunshine, but with things the boys can do if the great British summer is the usual washout.

Where would you go, if you were limited in options, like me? Bear in mind, my budget is quite limited too. I would love some ideas! 


  1. A cottage holiday sounds like a great idea....
    If I was to have a cottage holidays I would stay in Northumberland. The coast is beautiful and there is so much to do up here....

  2. North Wales...Llandudno!!

  3. Two fantastic ideas there ladies! Xx


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