Wednesday, September 23, 2015

A Bit Nervous

It's difficult to believe, sometimes, that I'M the carer in this house. I am currently taking 12 tablets a day, and 1 injection!?

I'm having a diabetic check up, tomorrow, to check my meds are still right for me. I'm glad that's coming around, as I think my blood pressure may be coming down. I know my pulse is starting to fall into normal parameters now, mostly thanks to the exercise I'm doing (Zumba).

However, thanks to changes in my body, and lots of falling asleep, I decided to go see the doc too. I hate going to the doctor, I feel like a hypochondriac when I do!

I explained the changes to my menstrual cycle, and family history. He has agreed that I am pre-menopausal.........ugh. However, he still wanted to give me a blood test, to see if anything else was going on, because I really am so damn tired ALL THE TIME.

I've had a test for my iron levels and Thyroid (which my mum has problems with, that started during her menopause).

Guess what, I've had a letter off the doc, asking for me to make an appointment. Apparently, he wants to talk about my thyroid............what does that mean?!

So, anyway, send me healing thoughts, because


  1. If it's an under-active thyroid there's little to worry about. One of the symptoms is constant tiredness, but it can be easily treated

  2. Healing thoughts on the way ---->
    If it is an under active thyroid, it's treatable and you should start to feel better quite quickly.
    Sometimes it just feels a relief to know, whether it may be.

    Good luck x


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