Monday, August 10, 2015

Why Should I Travel??

Whenever the holiday season comes around, so do the people that say I should travel.

'It's good for the soul'
'It's good to see other cultures'
'Learning about others beliefs and way of life'

It seems I am in the wrong, for not wanting to do these things?!

I'm much happier visiting places in this country! I love Devon/Cornwall. Can I say they are my favourite places in the world, because I haven't seen the world?

Yes, I can

Because I do love being in the South West of Britain, do I have to travel to the Bahamas just to find out I love Perranporth more, how does that make sense?

Lets count the reasons why I won't do it:

Financial; I cannot afford to go abroad. Never mind the cost of the break, there's the passports, the parking/petrol cost. That's just naming 2. Everyone will say it's just as cheap to go abroad, as it is to stay in this country. Well, with a household that now has 3 adults and 2 children, that's not what I've found.

Flying; I bloody detest it! Just that, I have done it, I don't like it, I'd rather not do it again.

The Heat/Sun; The last time I went abroad was, around, 10 years ago. We went to Menorca, with 2 children in tow, in October. By the 3rd day, I was suffering so bad with the heat (I didn't even have sunburn), I had to spend the day in bed. How is that fun?!

The Language Barrier; Why should we expect everyone to talk English, whilst in Britain, if we don't speak the native language when we travel?

That is just off the top of my head. So I won't be travelling, or seeing the world, I'll be staying in the UK. 

I'm not saying that others should do the same. My mum, for example, loves to travel. She has seen many countries in the last few years, and had experiences she can cherish. I don't begrudge her, or anyone else that choice.

Each to their own, I say. 
So don't judge me for my decisions!


  1. There's lots of places I'd love to see in the world...that's why I love Periscope!! Each to their own I say x

    1. Exactly. And, thanks to things like periscope, I can see the world from my living room with a cuppa lol xx

  2. At least two of my children have said they have no interest in travel, I do, but I hate flying so that limits my options :) As you say, each to their own x

    1. Definitely. You could always boat it xx

  3. I haven't been out of this country since 1980, I was 18. Its never really bothered me even though I complain bitterly every year about our rubbish summers. I love Devon too and Dorset - the wild and beautiful Jurassic coast. I'd quite like to visit Ireland tho and cycle in the Netherlands but can't be bothered filling in a passport application. People look at you like you have two heads when you say you don't have a passport :-)

    1. My hubbynhas allowed his to run out, I probably will too. I would like to travel this country in a mobile home :) x


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