Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Time to compare again

It's that time again *gulps*.

I really do find this incredibly hard, to both write and, to publish. I have to do it though. 

I have to show that I'm changing. I have to prove to myself that I am strong enough.

I think, this time (the ones with the purple hair), I've noticed the change in my backside, more than the front!

Thanks to Zumba, I also think I am changing shape. My lower abdomen is getting smaller, which is making my Diastasis Recti (look it up, it's not serious) even more noticeable. I've paid a lot more attention to how to fix the problem with my muscles, recently, and shall be working on it over the next couple of months.

Like I said, in a post the other day, it's going to be a very long journey....which is frustrating. 

I also said, I will not stop.

Please be kind!


  1. I can see the progress too, well done xx

  2. Wow i can really tell the difference well done. do you feel healthier? im loveing spin class at the moment.

    1. I do feel healthier, quite a lot actually. I also have far more energy xx

  3. Keep going, Jo. You are doing great and I can definitely see the difference.

  4. Jo you look fantastic, I can't wait to see you at Blog On in October!
    I have diastasis recti too and a hernia to boot. It makes my belly button look like Legal Eagle's (from the Muppets) beak! I'm hoping lots of core work will help both of us.
    Be proud of yourself, these photos are so motivating xx

    1. I just have to remember to keep pulling my belly in! Can't wait to see you either xx


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