Wednesday, August 05, 2015

List Challenge: Guilty Pleasures

Now, I'm not sure what falls under the title 'Guilty Pleasures'. Is it something I enjoy, but I shouldn't? Because someone will disagree with it, they always do!

I'm just going to go ahead and put out there what I think of as my personal guilty pleasures, which I guess is what the list is about!

Guilty Pleasures:

Real lie ins 
(not getting up at 9, more like 12!)
Die Hard films (love um)
Saturday Kitchen in bed
Chocolate Peanuts!
Reading in the Bath
Phone Games
(Love my farmville and Panda Pop!)
My Vape
(But at least I'm not smoking again)

They may not be guilty pleasures to all, but they are definitely mine. 

Now, who's going to get me chocolate peanuts, and bubble bath?

Mama, you talk?

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