Wednesday, August 19, 2015

List Challenge: Favourite Smells

Firstly I would like to say, I am loving this challenge. To think of a list of things, around a chosen theme, is fun!

I'm a bit gutted, for Mama, you talk?, that more people haven't joined in.

Secondly, don't judge me for today's list! I have a very good sense of smell, I can smell a cold coming in one of my children, before they get it.

I actually craved smells, more than flavours, when I was pregnant on my boys.

Favourite Smells:

 (by far my favourite)
Grass being cut by a petrol strimmer
Fire lighters
Exhaust fumes
A wood fire
Nail Varnish
New Catalogues
Chinese being cooked
Home baked cookies

I really could go on, and on. I usually smell things first! I even tell my youngest to smell something, before tasting it. That's usually how I'll tell if I like something.

Like I say, don't judge.

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  1. I'm trying my hardest here not to judge but apart from the cookies baking, everything else is a definite no no for me


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