Monday, August 03, 2015

List challenge: Day 3

Today's list, set by Mama, You Talk?, is 'your favourite biscuit'.

When it comes to this, I'm a rare breed..........I'm not a HUGE lover of biscuits! I can feel the collective gasp of bloggers all over the country, as they read that.

So my list is fairly simple:

My Favourite Biscuits:

Dark chocolate Digestives
Rich Tea (dipped in black coffee)
Home made fork biscuits

That really is it! I'll have a munch on any biscuit I'm offered, as long as it doesn't contain fruit. I just don't have any I would call 'favourites'.

Shocking news today on Ojo's World.

Mama, you talk?

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  1. Good God! Something we do not have in common lol ;) Glad that you dip your bicccie in a brew though!


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