Tuesday, August 11, 2015

List Challenge: Date Night

I think date nights are very important. Whether you have children, or not, they are a time to reconnect as a couple, and nothing else.

Our date nights have changed recently, since building our 'shed'. 

I'm lucky to have a child old enough, and responsible enough, to look after his 2 younger siblings. However, I still don't like going too far, without my mum here to back him up.

So, seeing as I don't like asking for babysitting (she has them when she wants, not when I do), we changed the way we do 'date nights', this is where the shed comes in.

Here is my list, for a successful

Date Night:

Somewhere peaceful, where you feel comfortable
A good movie
Good food
Someone to share it with!

We have all this, in our shed:

It's all we need, with the benefit of being close to the children, if they need us! 

What's important to your date night?

Mama, you talk?


  1. Love it! I also don't like going too far when our eldest is babysitting x

    1. Its more relaxing to know I'm, sort of, on hand xx


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