Monday, August 03, 2015

A lazy Sunday Crafternoon

Last Sunday I got invited to a Hillarys Crafternoon, by Joe Blogs. We spent the afternoon learning how to upcycle shutter blinds, it was full of brilliant ideas. To read the lovely people at Hillary's Blinds take on the day, click here.

Now I love a bit of crafting, and this was on a bigger scale! So, I thought I would share the pictures I snapped, so you can get some ideas of your own.

Firstly, we were given a thorough walk through, with the lovely Becky. She really does know what she is talking about! In all honesty, I wouldn't even think of upcycling a shutter blind, but her conversions were gorgeous:

This was our walk through:

Then, surprisingly, someone trusted me with a screwdriver?!

I chose the silver colour, something about it drew me in. It was surprisingly easy to paint with chalk paint, something I had never used before. Becky gave all sorts of tips on giving your shutter a weathered look, including rubbing the paint a little as it was drying.

I wasn't going to paint my jars, originally, but another blogger did and the effect was stunning..........hence my finished product (a total copycat).

I had a lovely afternoon, well looked after by the 2 companies involved. It was well worth the nervous drive into Bristol!

I have another shutter here now, just waiting for the boys to go back to school! Pinterest is taking a battering, looking for ideas.

Would you have thought to do this? As decoration, or for storage? I gave mine to my neighbours daughter, it was the colour her mother was looking for, for her bedroom, a pleasant coincidence.

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