Saturday, July 04, 2015

What were you doing in 1992?

You know when you read something, and it makes you feel really old? For example, I worked in a supermarket for 10 years. When 'children' would walk in with their i.d. cards, that say they were born in 1989, and I realised that meant they were old enough to drink, I think my soul broke a little.

Now I'm looking at what happened in 1992:

Would you believe that was the year DisneyLand Paris opened?
That it was also the year that Bill Clinton first became president?

What about films:

Let me give you a list, see if it feels like yesterday to you too?
Reservoir Dogs
Basic Instinct
Aladdin (Disney)
Wayne's World

Yup, all released 23yrs ago!

How about Music?

Sir Mix-a-lot: Baby got Back
Right said Fred: I'm too sexy
Billy Ray Cyrus: Achy Breaky Heart

(Yes, I know I'm naming all the crap ones!)

All that happened in 1992!

Do you know what else happened, on July 4th, 1992?

A sweet 19 year old girl married her rocker boyfriend.

He went on to become he best friend, the love of her life.

They've had their ups and downs.
Their rough patches and highlights.
They have produced 3 stunning boys, and bring them up quite responsibly.

Most of all, they are still happy.

Love you Mr. H
Happy Anniversary


  1. Aww! Happy Anniversary to you both!
    Eesh! In 1992 I was about 12 years old. lol

  2. Congratulations to you both!


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