Friday, July 31, 2015

Times change........Get over it!?

Ok, so I'm off on one again, but it gets on my nerves.

What is it I'm talking about?

The 'back in my day' posts, that people share on social media!

I've already written a post similar, in the past, but I still see them ALL THE TIME.

Firstly, you are basically complain about technology, the very thing you are using to share this......DUH!

But let's look at the facts, shall we?

When 'we' We're kids, we played out in the streets.

Yes we did, but I could count on 2 hands how many people, in our street, had cars. With most households, now, owning  AT LEAST one car, the streets are far a more dangerous place. Add to that, if my child accidentally bumped your car with a ball, you would flip!? 

So why don't they go play in fields? Ummmm, older kids, who have nowhere to go, because facilities are being shut down. My local swimming pool may be closing, the local people are fighting like crazy to keep it open. 

Oh and let's not forget the increase in drugs and alcoholism. My teen was in the local park, with friends, the other evening (when the younger children should be home). A grown man, absolutely hammered and carrying 2 bottles of vodka, decided to keep them company!? 

Next: They are always glued to technology

So am I! Why is that any different to my mother having her head in a book, or knitting and crocheting? It certainly didn't make her less of a parent, and I never felt devoid of attention.

Also, technology gives us the opportunity to keep in touch with people. My children wouldn't know some of their cousins, if it wasn't for social media.

As for online bullying. If it wasn't this way, bullies would find another. It's shit, but it's true. 

Technology gives my child something to do, that doesn't bother others. Also, having children on the autistic spectrum, technology is a godsend. It also means I can get in touch with my children, when they are out. I remember my mother being on pins, not knowing where my brothers were.

A good spanking never did me any harm

I don't even know where to start! Have you ever noticed that the children that are loud, mouthy, and always playing up, are usually the ones with loud, shouty parents, that slap first, question later? 
I rest my case.

This is a 'sorry, not sorry' type post. It is my opinion though. Times change, I'm sure our grandparents complained about things OUR parents did, and how things had changed. 

Please believe me I am, in no way, a perfect parent. Like most mothers, I am constantly questioning my decisions. However, my children are polite and, as far as I know, always show respect.

What do you think?
Do you wish we could go back to the past?
Or do you think that times are just changing, like they always have? 

I would love to know.

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  1. I absolutely could not agree with you more.


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