Thursday, July 09, 2015

Reasons to be Cheerful

Poor Becky at Lakes Single Mum, is still without Internet! I don't mind, as I love this little bloghop. It will be staying with me, possibly, until the end of July!

As always, there are no real rules, just share your happiness (and give the other linkers a view and a comment, if you join in).

So, here are my:

1. An Anniversary to remember. My relationship with Mr.Ojo is often called a love story. One of the things that keeps us in love, is spontaneity. Just a week before our wedding anniversary, we decided to spend it in a hotel (I mentioned it in last weeks post). We were totally spoilt by the staff, who as a surprise, brought us out this:

How thoughtful is that?
It was a weekend filled with good food, and even better company:

2. Finishing a Project: My dressmaking class has finished, until September, and I finished on a real high!

Yes that is my gorgeous teen son, looking none too happy at having his picture taken, modelling the waistcoat I made him! It fits him lovely, and suits him too.

3. The end of school is coming! I wrote, here, about how proud I was of my boys academic achievement. Now I'm celebrating this school year, nearly, being over (It will probably make it into next weeks too!). No more early mornings, no more meltdowns about homework, no more complaining about HAVING to leave the house! 

Well, at least for 6 weeks.

So that's why I'm smiling this week. They are pretty awesome reasons, in my book. What is making you smile?

Come share with me


  1. Lovely post! I enjoyed seeing your anniversary pics on social media.
    I hate the end of school though as school holidays means town is full of people when S and I want to go out playing!

    1. haha, you'll have to look for quiet places..........S. Wales can be! x

  2. How lovely! It sounds like you have a lot to be cheerful about!
    I can't wait until school finishes x

  3. Loving the photo of your teenager, and the happy anniversary ones obviously, glad you got a break, and here's hoping there will be some leaving of the house over the next while xx

    1. Leaving the house!? Now you're just being over ambitious x

  4. Aww lovely reasons and photos. We are SO looking forward to the school holidays too xx

  5. so glad you celebrated in style! here;s to happy holidays

  6. Lovely photos, glad you enjoyed your time away x

  7. I'm looking forward to the holidays for a school run break too! So pleased you had a fab anniversary were pretty spontaneous too it defs helps us! Such a lovely touch from the staff x

  8. Lovely reasons Jo. I love your wonderful love story and that food looks amazing. Like the special anniversary touch too. A man always looks great in a waistcoat - wish suits were always three items. I am looking forward to my teen breaking up on Friday and have already appointed him Deputy Head of Homeschooling.


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