Thursday, July 23, 2015

Reasons to be Cheerful...

If you've had time to read my blog this week, you will know that I'm feeling a bit sorry for myself.

That makes this the best time to think of my:

1. Lazy lie ins. We really have been lazy, this first week of summer holidays. We haven't got out of bed before 10am! Thankfully my children share my love of lazing in bed.

2. Catch ups over dinner. I spent Wednesday eve with a friend I haven't had a proper catch up with, for ages. We enjoy a really good gossip, a nice meal, and a promise not to leave it so long next time.

3. Project House. I know, I know, it really is still going on! I am determined to turn my house into a place I love, that is coming closer all the time. This week included: adding units to my dumping ground conservatory and, putting the toilet back in to the room I use as a laundry room. This means I can get rid of little A's portapotty, from under the stairs.

4. (yes, an extra one!) Watching Mr.Ojo and little A play. I mentioned play doh to little A, Wed morning. This resulted in most of the day, sat at the table with daddy, making all sorts of creations. It really was a joy to watch.

They may seem small but they have been, much needed, reasons to smile, this week.

What's making you smile? I do love to know


  1. Brilliant reasons, lie ins have been happening all week in our house lol x

  2. The small reasons to be cheerful are always the best ones! xx

  3. Lie-ins, playtime, a good gossip and making your home a nicer place to live in all seem like pretty amazing reasons to be be cheerful, hope you're feeling happier soon too xx

  4. Lie-ins are bliss, and I've had precious few of them lately. And play doh is wonderful stuff; so simple but so much fun to play with. Thanks for hosting the linky.

  5. Ohh lazy morning, that is my plan for next week. I can't wait. Mich x

  6. We've only had lie ins since Thurs but they've been lovely - even if D is waking up even earlier than usual.
    It's the little things that make you smile that are the best ones - eg your play doh moment, the one that's been best for me was seeing my lovely D happy after her last day.
    Enjoy the rest of your weekend xx


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