Wednesday, July 01, 2015

Getting Cool for School

It's coming towards the end of the school year, I know, our children are another year older.

It seems to fly by.  This year my youngest child starts primary!!! I mean seriously?! He was only a baby yesterday, wasn't he? My middle boy will be in the 2nd year of the local Comprehensive. I think that's year 8, to the younger generation.

As well as growing up they are, well, growing! That's why, when Talented Talkers, and George from Asda, asked me to create a wish list from their range, I jumped at it. 

This gives me the opportunity to decide what, exactly, I need for the coming year. I have two different uniforms to buy. One child is in black and white:
Boys Zip pocket black trousers £8
Unfortunately, I can't get his school jumper here, as they have to have the school logo on, this means I can only get it direct from the school! I'd need, at least, 2 pairs of these. I also love the zip pocket, RJ is always losing things, this would keep them safe! 

The other uniform is in red and grey:
Red V neck Jumper £4

Boys 2 pack of grey trousers £7

Little A would need a minimum of 2 jumpers, ideally 3. He is a very messy eater, as he still struggles with cutlery. Also, the reason I love George uniform, is the jumper is soft. This helps a lot with little A's sensory issues. This 2 pack of grey trousers is ideal though, and for the price, cheap to replace if needed. 

I'm also going to need LOADS of shirts/polo shirts. I like to put them in a clean shirt every day, particularly as one is about to become a teen (puberty).

I found these for RJ:
Online exclusive: boys 5 pack of shirts £15
He gets incredibly hot, so short sleeves are better. This is a clean shirt every day, for £3 each, Bargain!

Little A will be in Polo Shirts. He can wear ordinary shirts (and tie) if I wanted him too. The polo shirts are easier, and softer, on him though:
5 pack of Polo shirts £7.50
They are also both going to need school bags. RJ would love the, online exclusive, across the body bag (£10). It would make it easier to carry his other stuff, like his guitar when he takes it. Little A is a huge marvel fan, so would love the swim bag, he would use it every day! (£4)

Finally, I have to think of shoes. Both my boys like comfortable shoes, luckily school shoes have become a lot softer, and more durable, over the years. I actually think both my boys would like these:
Boys Moccasin shoe
Only costing £26 for both boys, I can't go wrong.

That would be 2 boys, kitted out for school, for £100.50. That really is a bargain. I love George School Clothing, always have. The quality is good, and the price is beyond compare.

I know there are other items, like socks for growing feet, and pants for growing.............Well you get the idea. But, honestly, I buy those all year around. So I don't think mine need them for this September.

Do you have a wish list, do you even make a list? I love a list, I can check the items off, as I get them, so I don't double up on anything.

Are you already getting Cool for School?
It's never too soon, the summer will fly by.

I wrote this post for Talented Talkers.

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  1. I love only having one set of uniform to think about, one of the many lovely things about educating at home


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