Friday, June 05, 2015

Why So Angry?

I don't intentionally walk around with a smile on my face, or full of a sunny attitude. I do however try to see the positives in most situations.

I am a big fan of social networks. I think it's a good way to express your feelings. Not all of us have that 'best friend' that we can open up to, so sometimes that screen becomes our best friend.

Having a bad day?
Share it on social media, someone else might be having a crap day, and can sympathise. Or there might be someone that will want to make you smile.

I am noticing a trend lately, however:
Every one seems so damn angry! 
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People seem to be obsessed with complaining about how others lead their lives, or conduct themselves. There is a terrifying trend of 'online shaming' by angry parents (I'm sure many of you have seen the awful story of the young girl that committed suicide, after one such video). 

But why? Why are we all so angry?
I am a firm believer in 'live and let live', there is room for us all on this planet. As long as we are not hurting anyone, why care?

I'm not perfect, somethings utterly piss me off but I switch over, turn off, shut down. Whatever, it's not hurting anyone, why is it my business?

Why can't more of us let others get on with their lives, without a running commentary on it?

Do you know the answer?
Has social media become a place that we rant, rather than speak/communicate?

I hope this post hasn't made you angry, if it has shut the page!

So this is my call to arms.
If something annoys you, switch it off, make a real difference!
Don't write about how angry it makes you, that's just publicity.

Lets just let people get on, even if they're different.
Life is far too short to be worrying about others.


  1. Well said, i am a firm believer that social media can make such a positive impact on other people, however a lot of people use it to spread negativity and hate. I do exactly what you say, i just ignore, turn away or switch it off. I refuse to fuel any fire that is all about making someone feel bad and i really can't be arsed with all the drama that people love getting involved in. My world is a happy one and i will only ever try and make others feel happy too, this planet would be so much nicer if people just smiled and stopped with all the drama! oh i feel better for that, thanks hun! x

    1. You are more than welcome!! Glad to see someone that feels the same way x

  2. If it is something I don't like that doesn't affect me then I would turn away. But if it is something that does affect me, or more likely my kids, then I will *happily* get angry all over social media on their behalf. As for the drama that goes on, I rarely see it, perhaps because most of my on-line friends are not interested either and that works perfectly for me :) x

    1. Yes of course, if it effects you, you should shout as loud as possible. But people seem to be ranting over every little thing, that's just silly xx


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