Friday, June 19, 2015

Today is the Day!

Unless you have been completely ignoring my facebook/twitter/blog, for the last week, you will know I am now in London baby!

I travelled up yesterday, with the lovely Mr. Ojo:

The reason today is THE day, is because BritMumsLive starts today. I'm nervously excited, and I thought I would put my thoughts down here.


There is so much going on, over the 2 days. 

Between well know TV personalities speaking and attending (Carol Smilie and Katy Hill, to name drop), plus some amazing authors signing their books (Amanda Jennings being my must see), it's a major experience.

When you add to that around 700 bloggers, which to me means a large area full of people that actually know what I do!

There's also meeting up with friends I've made, online, over the last couple of years. Some of these people have become really important to me, and closer than people I've known all my life. 

There will be a lot of hugs handed out today.


Why would I be nervous? 700 hundred people?! 
That's why.

On top of that, I've had a major drop in confidence lately, I'm apprehensive about the way I look, I think it's because of the amount of photographs that could be taken of me. I'm not the selfie queen for no reason, it's because I have control if I'm doing it myself!

I also get the 'what am I doing here, I'm not good enough to be mixing with these people'. I get that every year, I'm an avid blog reader, they are a great source of information, and I'm incredibly nosey! However, that makes me feel very inadequate next to some that I know.

But I shall pull up my big girl pants, and head into the breach. Because life is for the living.

See you there bloggers!!
(non bloggers shall get spammed beyond belief on social media)

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