Monday, June 22, 2015

The Benefits Jungle

After an exhilarating weekend in London, I have been brought down with a loud, and crashing, BUMP.

It's time to tackle the benefits Jungle, and yes, that is exactly what it is!

I have been either on the phone, or online, since the children came home from school (there was no time during school hours thanks to hospital visits and returning hubby's work belongings). 

78 minutes I was on the phone to one benefits agency......78 freaking minutes?! Then I had to go on the phone to the Tax Credits, anyone in the UK, that has ever called the HMRC, knows just how long that lasts. I was on hold forever! The actual phone call was quite quick.

Then it's on to sorting out the council tax, by now my eyes are blurring and I'm craving a VERY large gin&tonic (which I got!).

It is now 7:32pm, so that is my whole evening wasted. Updating with everyone, that my husband is no longer employed, he is now physically disabled.

Will I be worse off? Yes
Will I cope? I bloody hope so!

We never know what the future holds, and I genuinely don't know what to expect. I didn't expect to get to 42 and be a parent of 2 children on the ASD spectrum, with a husband riddled with arthritis.

However, I'm happy. We'll survive, we always do.

It's just another adventure, this jungle, and I've become the master with a scythe.


  1. Did my other comment post?! It's gone!

  2. It sounds like a challenging week and days ahead. Goodluck and sending you hugs. #pocolo


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