Saturday, June 27, 2015

Stop Blaming ME!

There has been another 'study' looking into the causes of Autism. This one is blaming C-Sections (here is one of the articles), it has now been disproved.

I'm here, stamping my feet, very loudly and saying:


How many ways can you blame me, for my child's neurological condition!?

So far it's been down to:
Toxin exposure
Ultrasound scans

I'm sure the list could go on.

All of them get disproved very quickly, because nobody knows why a child is autistic. No one knows if they are born with it, or it develops. You get that, right?

No one knows.

Stop trying to make me feel constantly guilty about it. I did not choose to give my child this condition. I do choose to love my children though. I also choose to not want to change them, or worse 'cure' them. They are beautiful, quirky, talented boys. Their births were different, they were carried different, yet they both have ASD.

We all have quirks, we are all individuals. Why do we have to keep looking for a reason that my children are individuals, just because their individuality has a name???

So, leave me alone. We are doing OK, we are happy, but most importantly:


P.S. Why not spend all the money your wasting, trying to prove this crap, on education!!


  1. So well said! It's true. Most mums feel guilt about something or other, but in our case it's heaped on top of us by these never-ending studies. I agree, what a waste of money, let's start living in the now and establish better educational provision! x

    1. Exactly, why look for blame. Look at integration, education and so much more! Thank you for commenting x


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