Thursday, June 25, 2015

Reasons to be Cheerful

I wasn't feeling very cheerful Wednesday morning, to be fair I had a right strop on! When it came time to write my reasons I had to sit and think about it.

Funnily enough, that brightens my day. I like thinking of the positives, when life seems a little crap. Quite frankly, it makes you realise that moments are crap, not life!

So here are my reasons this week:
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1. BritMums Live. I was very fortunate to attend this year, and will be writing more about it. I didn't feel as overwhelmed by it all this year, I got to meet amazing people, and felt totally at peace the whole time.
Yes, that is me and Caprice!
2. Project House. Yes, this is still ongoing! This time it's the turn of my kitchen. It needs brightening up, a further post will come about that.

3. Job Losses. It seems odd to be happy about my husband being laid off from his employment, but it's quite a relief, even though there is uncertainty about our financial future. My husband is no longer capable of doing the job he was paid to do, or any other job, at the moment. Yes it's all uncertain, but we're happy, that's important too.

So that's my reasons, what are yours? Come share with me!

I have 2 weeks worth of posts to catch up on, so please join in, I will read and comment.


  1. I love your positivity despite the uncertainty. Look at you mingling with celebs! xx

    1. I know, right? I'll be name dropping next lol xx

  2. I totally understand your relief at your husband being laid off. It's sad that he can no longer work,b ut I hope now he has time to take care of himself. I hope you get some relief in the financial department soon.

    1. thank you, I'm sure we'll be fine, we are lucky in so many other ways x

  3. "Moments are crap, not life" - there's a meme in there somewhere, great quote, but I hope next week has less crap in it xx

  4. The Mother says - Fab reasons hun and it was great to meet you. I loved your birthday dress xx


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