Thursday, June 11, 2015

Reasons to be Cheerful

I do love writing this post, each week. I don't think I've missed one in about 2 years. 

I've just spent a couple of hours with a friend that's feeling a bit low. I encouraged her to start writing down a couple of things that have made her smile in the last week. However small they may seem, if they made you smile, it's worth remembering.

She's not a blogger, but it doesn't matter! Write it on a piece of paper, a cheap notebook, even a post it, on your fridge. Use it to remind you, that in the toughest of times, something made you smile this week.

Here's mine:

1. Summer House. It's back! It's here and being painted and decorated. I'm so happy and, as you can see by the pictures, I'm not the only one!

2. A day in Bristol. Tomorrow I'm off for a day, in Bristol, with my mam. It's a carers trip that my mum had been informed about. I'm quite looking forward to a day of window shopping, with her.

3. A day in Bristol. No, I'm not going mad! I went to a bloggers meet up, last Friday. The day wasn't totally what I expected, however, I got to socialise with some of my favourite bloggers. Even the drive was fun, as I had another local Blogger in the car with me! The view was pretty spectacular, where we were, too:

So that's me, how about you? Come share, and don't forget to add the badge, that is now located in my sidebar. Yes, it is a nice shiny NEW one!


  1. Aww! What lovely reasons to be cheerful! The summer house is a great idea and looks fab x

  2. Bristol is a great place for a day out, and I used to know it well :) Wishing you lots of lovely weather so you can enjoy your summer house too x

  3. The view is lush, I always thought it a more dull place but it looks really nice. Hope you had a nice time and ESP with your mum sounds lovely xx

  4. Lovely reasons and your advice to your friend was spot on.
    Having a rrrrrelaxing evening, will pop back tomorrow and read the links x


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