Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Please stop the Pop!

Ok, I know I don't normally get preachy about this stuff. My children are very particular about food, thanks to the sensory issues. My teen, however, has always been a bit of a nightmare with fizzy drinks.

And, it's come back to bite him on the Ass!

I've spent most of his teenage years trying to get him to stop drinking one form of fizzy drink or another. 

He had a time of drinking loads of energy drinks, I soon managed to put a stop to that. Drinks like Pepsi, Cola etc.....they've been a more difficult to stop.

He assumed, because he was drinking the sugar free type, he was ok. I've shown him the videos of what these types of drinks will do to your teeth, lots of times!

On top of that, he's been a nightmare to get to the dentist. We recently signed up to a new dentist, and I managed to get him there. Today he had to go back to start the process of having his teeth sorted.

He was in the chair, around, 55 minutes! 
He had to have cavities sorted, teeth filled and have them all cleaned. All the time I was in there with him, keeping a calming hand on him, to get him through. 

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It's affected him quite badly, I think. Years of me nagging him did nothing, an hour at the dentist has finally made him realise the damage he was causing.

So please, I really mean this, stop drinking the pops! Sugar free, or otherwise, or at least limit the quantities you drink. 

One day, you could be sat in the dentist chair for an hour, I think my son will tell you:

'It's not pleasant'


  1. I hope he is ok now. Hopefully your story will stop others having the same problems x

    1. The poor things mouth is still a little numb, I really hope people will take note x

  2. That's the trouble with teens and some adults you can warn and show them but often only a trip to the drill will make it all sink in! I hate that I've always been good with my teeth and I'm so unlucky with needing dental work :( hubby drinks pop all the time he leaves it lying around it's always something we argue about luckily midge hates fizzies but A likes it and as he has weak enamel he is forbidden to drink it! So I hide hubbies pop all the time when he's a teen I'm sure he'll be experiencing this when they can buy their own stuff you lose control don't you? If the won't listen the fillings will make them!! Xx

  3. I actually stopped buying fizzy pop a few weeks ago....My girl thought she was clever and spent her pocket money buying it herself....I may have poured most of it down the sink! Grr! I'm going to show her this post tomorrow and see what she has to say! :D


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