Monday, June 15, 2015

I Don't Feel Guilty!

Next week I'm going to Brit Mums Live, in London. It's a huge blogging conference, with around 700 people in attendance.

This year Mr.Ojo will be joining me, not for the actual conference, just for the London trip. We leave on Thursday, to return on Sunday. That's 3 nights, 4 whole days, that I will be leaving my children!

I used to feel a little bad about it, but not anymore.

Let me tell you why:

I have 2 children on the Autism Spectrum, it's exhausting. I get absolutely no respite (it stopped as soon as the youngest started school, even though the sitters that came agreed I needed it. Especially for middle child). Sometimes I need a break, and I'm starting to get snippy. 
I've been called to the school, nearly, every week since middle child started there!

I want to be alone, with the hubby. I think 'grown up' time is important in a relationship. Sometimes you need to remember that you are more than just parents.

It does the children good to be around someone else. I am not going to lie, I get bored! I run out of ideas, of things to do with them, I end up allowing far too much time on tablets. Another person offers a different perspective.

Nanny loves them! She cannot wait to have them all to herself for a few days. Because mine like routine, my mum comes to stay here while we are away. The boys cannot wait for us to leave!

So NO, I don't feel guilty.

I adore my boys, but sometimes we all need a break. So next time you get the chance for a 'date night' or a short break away, take it! Look back on this post, and remind yourself that it's OK to relax and recharge.

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