Sunday, June 14, 2015

3 Years...

Did you know that this week celebrates 3 years of Ojo's World!
My original header, done by Mama Owl
I almost forgot.

3 years I've been waffling on these pages, about me, and you've been reading it!

What have I learnt in 3 years?
Let me count the ways:

About Me

I'm stronger than I realise.

I am actually quite happy. Mainly because, when I'm not, I can share it on here and get it out of my system.

That I'm not a horrible person, or mother.

That life is too short to worry about other peoples negativity.

That I like to surround myself with similar minded people, and that's not a bad thing.

That it's important to be myself, not be what others expect of me.

About This Blog

It really is my space.

It doesn't have a huge following, but a very loyal one.

It doesn't have a 'niche' and probably never will.

It's OK that it isn't perfect, it's loved.

In General

The blogging community is very varied and welcoming. (Even though there are some that think they are better than most, the majority just live and let live).

That the Autism blogging community are AWESOME. I've found a place that understands my life in a way others never will.

I've learnt that I will have down time, where I don't feel like writing, but that's OK.

That life changes. My life has turned upside down recently. My husband is, realistically, disabled now. But, I don't change, I just adapt.

I cannot express enough how much I appreciate the support you, the reader, have given me. 
I've made good friends from blogging, some that I have yet to meet. Does that make them less of a friend? No, it doesn't. Just a different type.

Also thanks to my ever loving husband. He has shown support in so many ways, blogging being one of them.

Finally, a plea. If you like what I write, share it, show it some love. 
Because I love this little place, and I would like others to find it and love it too.


  1. Happy nearly blogoversairy Jo I love your space in the blogging world too I hope there's more years to come :) xx

  2. Congratulations, and here's to many more years of blogging xx

  3. Congratulations on your blogiversary! I hope to write such an inspiring piece when blog turns 3.


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