Monday, May 04, 2015

The Judgemental Media

If you live in the UK, or many other countries I should imagine, you can't have missed the birth. 

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Our Kingdom has another princess.

Now I don't promote myself as a royalist, but I'm not anti Royal either. I think they have served a purpose for centuries, although the idea of them now seems a little outdated, the alternative would be President Cameron.............I think I'll stick with a monarchy!

What has fascinated me this past couple of days has been the press/media coverage. There has been a lot of talk about how Kate looked?! 

In this day and age, when we are trying to encourage young girls to be happy with their bodies, why is this even a talking point! She walked out of hospital, to be confronted by a bank of cameras, itching to get that first baby shot. If that was me, I would have had every stylist I could get near, to make me look my best.

Have we all forgotten the headlines the last time she had a child?? All about the fact that she looked 'normal'. Obviously not what the paparazzi were saying, oh no, they were wondering how long it would take her to get rid of the baby bump, to get 'back in shape'.

Basically she cannot win, so why shouldn't she try to look/feel good. I would have loved someone to offer to do my hair and make up, after having my 3. I would still like someone to offer now!

The other thing the press has said a lot, and I noticed a friend of mine pick up on it on facebook this morning:

"She now has the perfect family"

So, because she has a child of each sex, her family is now perfect. I'm sure she felt her family was perfect before her daughter came along, I'm sure she will think it's pretty damn perfect if she has another.

The media is so quick to judge. I'm glad that blogging is becoming so big, because then you get to see how real people feel about it. 

Personally, I hope she got home, kicked the heels off, said thank goodness that's over with, and got William to wait on her hand and foot. I hope she keeps her family close, like she did with her first child, and I hope they continue to give those children a peaceful and happy childhood. We have barely seen Prince George over the last 2 years, I think that's good thing. 

Let them be children, get messy and have fun, free of the press judgement machine.

Much Love

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  1. She is so graceful in handling events like this! I love the news and how the news made a lot of people happy. I wish too that the bad people would just let them be so that they can take care of their children in peace. #pocolo


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