Thursday, May 28, 2015

Reasons to be Cheerful

For those that join in the blog hop: Sorry it's late!! Bit of a mix up, Lakes Single Mum is actually taking a break (about time, that women seriously deserves one!), so it's me hosting.

For those that don't blog hop, but like to read: Happy Thursday! It's time to share your positives with me, however big, or small. Life seems easier, when we look for some small positives.

We had some lovely posts join in, last week, if you read mine, don't forget to go and read one or two others, they really will brighten your day.

Anyway, here are my:

Ojos World

1. The School Trip. It was, mostly, a huge success. He had one small incident, which the teachers handled brilliantly. Otherwise, he thoroughly enjoyed himself (I think I'm in for an expensive 5 years with this child!)

2. The Summer House. It has been ordered! Technically, it's a shed, but I don't care. I shall paint it, fill it with comfy stuff and love it.

3. Thinking Slimmer. I really do think it's changing me. My attitude to food is changing, I have so much energy (I get my steps in every day, with quite a few highly active minutes). I got lost, again, while driving yesterday. I didn't panic, I just worked it out, and found my way to where I needed to be. If I don't lose weight now, it's the medication I take, there can be no other explanation.

So that's it for this week, from me. I love reading your reasons to be cheerful. You may think it's small, or insignificant to others, but it's not! If it made you smile, this week, it's important. 

Much love


  1. Well done you xx am loving reading how happy you sound, both here and in Fitbit land.
    Fab reasons. Will have 2 this week, one focussed on me, the other a round up x

  2. Love it! I've started listening to my Slimpod again and it does help doesn't it!

  3. Glad the trip went well! Hopefully thinking slimmer will be the one for you and it's not the meds!xx

  4. Where is Fitbit land and is it full of fit bits? Seriously though, love your reasons and that your slimpod is working its magic. Also like thinking of you in your posh summer house surrounded by lovely fabrics

  5. Lovely reasons to be cheerful! The summer house sounds fab :) xx

  6. Lovely reasons, Jo. Like the sound of your shed... oops, I mean summer house! :-P

  7. I know exactly how brilliant it is when your children enjoy the school trip - even if it does have expensive implications! Love the idea of the summer house and hope that you'll be sharing photos later x

  8. those are all fab reasons, jealous of the summer house! thanks for coming to my rescue on my much needed break. Hopefully when its back to me in July I will have come up for air :-)


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