Thursday, May 21, 2015

Reasons to be Cheerful

Happy Thursday lovelies.

 It's one day to half term! In this house that means a week of lie ins, and lazy days. My youngest hates leaving the house, unless it's for a car ride. Thank goodness for my treadmill, or I wouldn't be getting any steps.

Anyway, here are:

Ojos World

1. A beautiful day: The wedding, last weekend, was stunning. The weather was perfect, the venue was ideal: full of open spaces for children to run about, and for adults to relax and have a chat. The bride and groom beamed all day, and long may it continue.

I didn't know where to put my hand! I look pregnant lol
2. Fitpod and Activity levels. The latest 'pod' I was sent, was called a Fitpod. (If you want to know what I'm talking about, click the Slimpod badge, on the side of my page). It really seems to be having an effect. My activity levels are up, I'm hitting 10k steps every day, even managing 15k yesterday. I'm also getting, at least, 45 minutes of active minutes according to my fitbit!

3. Paying off our Holiday. Now we are all set for gorgeous Weymouth, in the summer holidays. It will be our 4th time, in 3 years, to visit this park. Nothing like a bit of routine to keep my lot happy!
This was taken from the park, on site. No Filter!

So what's making you smile? Come share with me, I do love to smile.

Much Love


  1. Oh you look so gorgeous in that dress! I'm jealous!
    Thanks for hosting x

  2. That dress is just gorgeous! You look amazing!
    Lovely reasons to be cheerful! Well done with all the steps x

  3. Gorgeous dress & a brilliant photo x

  4. What a beautiful photo! That sounds like a lovely wedding and I love your cheerful outlook. Thanks for hosting!

  5. you looked so happy in the wedding pics! I am looking forward to the week off too :-)

  6. Lovely photos and hope the fit pod does everything you hope for x

  7. Lovely dress and you are doing so well on your steps this week xx

  8. As I have discovered over the last couple of weeks, it is all about the exercise. Way to go you for keeping up your steps.

  9. What makes me smile? My husband can turn a sour day into a wonderful skittley sweet one just because of his patience towards me. I am truly blessed to have a man who overlooks my faults and gives me a reason to smile.


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