Thursday, May 07, 2015

Reasons to be Cheerful

Are we really into May already! The year is flying by, I think I've had so much going on I've missed it!

Here are this weeks:
Ojos World

1. Little A's reading. He really found it difficult to understand phonics, the English language and phonics do not mix! Anyway, his teacher has been teaching him new ways to pronounce and understand, and his reading is coming on lovely! He even had a little award, at the end of last week:

2. A Night Out. My friend is getting married in 2 weeks, last Saturday was her hen night. It was a very good night! I did get rather piddled, there were some naughty, drinking,  games before we went out. The photographs stopped after a while, as the floor got wobbly!

3. Getting More Exercise. Since getting my mums treadmill, I've been getting more steps in. It's not consistent yet, but I'm getting there.

Don't forget to share all that's making you smile this week!

Much Love


  1. You are definitely looking much slimmer so that exercise etc. must be working. I have never done a hen night believe it or not largely because I was always too shy to deal with such games and hilarity. Great news on the reading front. I don't think phonics serve every child well. My teen still struggles to spell relatively simple words whilst being intelligent in other ways. Have lots of cheery things to report when I work my way up to writing a post

    1. Thank you Kate, but the 'slimmer' thing, just good angles I'm afraid! You should definitely do a hen do at some point, your naughty sense of humour wold go down a storm lol x

  2. Love that photo of you, and agree with Kate that you are definitely looking slimmer. Well done to your boy on his reading award, hopefully it's the first of many x

  3. You're looking lovely, all those steps are working!! Well done A on his award, sometimes it takes a while to get that confidence but once they have it, they're off into the wonderful world of books x


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