Wednesday, May 20, 2015


This weekend my tween is off on a school trip.

I think the term, that perfectly sums up my feelings about it all would be:

Bricking It!!
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It's not his first trip away, without me. It is, however, his first trip, without me, with the new school. Secondary school has been hard for R to adapt to. He doesn't like change at the best of times, but the drastic change from primary to secondary has been really tough on him.

I tend not to write about him too much, the risk of it being seen makes me nervous. Children can be an absolute nightmare, they will find any reason to pick on another. Especially when they are trying to find their place in a huge school. Even some of his old school friends are getting a bit mouthy and showing off, I know they will settle and adapt, but my boy doesn't get this. 

None of his old friends are going on this trip, unfortunately one child that is going, has been giving R a bit of stick. The child seems to be making a name for himself already, a few parents are having trouble with him. 

I've spoken to the school, and they have assured me that he will be kept totally separate from this child. They will be in different dorms, doing different activities etc........

This does not make me feel better.

I don't feel, as yet, that this school is taking it's responsibilities seriously. There is no supervision during lunch/break times. There is little supervision during Physical Education! 

I know I have to let my child experience these trips, and I have every confidence in him.

I am, however, perfectly ready to camp outside the activity centre, ready to bring him back to the safety of home!

Much Love

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