Friday, May 29, 2015

My Word of the Week:

My word of the week, this week, is easy:

We have done so very little! 

Most days, little A has not got dressed (he's not a big fan of clothes anyway, sensory issues).

We've not crawled out of our beds, until most of the morning has passed. 
There's been cuppas and biscuits in bed, to start the day.
There's been Ipads/pods, rather than having to move!

In fact, the only one moving, is me. That's only because I want to get my exercise in.
Even that hasn't been done by leaving the house. I've been jogging, or dancing, on the spot while watching TV.

There's has been a lot of sofa surfing, biscuit munching, table fort hiding etc.

It's been wonderful!

We have got some garden stuff sorted, ready for my summer house (squeeee!). 

Other than that, nothing, Nada, diddly squat.

How have you spent half term?
Bet it was more energetic than mine!

Much Love

The Reading Residence


  1. We have had similar weeks. I love lazy weeks, they are just needed sometimes. X

  2. My week was the same. A nice, quiet, lazy week at home :)

  3. Oh, but it does sound lovely! My two are still up at 6 in the holidays, so it's not felt quite as lazy here! I know my time will come for lie ins once they get a little older! Thanks for joining in again with #WotW

  4. Love that word! I wish I could have had a Lazy week. Everyone needs one of those once in a while! #WotW

    Rachel xx

  5. Awww this post is so relaxing to read! We have been lazy here too and its a bit messy but its so nice to not have a school routine to follow. #wotw

  6. Lazy; relaxed; chilled - call it what you will it's great to be able to take your foot off the pedal and just enjoy being at home with the children! Sounds like the sort of week most of us crave - this half term we've done too much, I over planned and haven't done enough of being lazy! It's so what's needed at times
    Glad you enjoyed your week

  7. Ahhh! Times like this are brilliant! I have had a lot of lazy mornings this last week! I am dreading the early starts again next week x


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