Tuesday, May 05, 2015

Meal Planning Monday(?)

Yes, I know, it's a day late! I just didn't get around to it yesterday.

Then today I had some happy post:

I do love it when I'm asked to try out some new products! I've worked with Schwartz quite a lot, this has to be my favourite so far, I do love Indian food but, trying to eat healthier, it's been off the menu.

There will be a review coming in on them, next week, for now here is this weeks plan:

Monday (yesterday): Gammon, cheese and pasta
Tuesday: Chicken Korma
Wednesday: BBQ Pulled Pork
Thursday: Cheese and Potato Pie, with bacon
Friday: Chicken Tikka Biryani
Saturday: Brinner
Sunday: Roast Beef, with all the trimmings

So that's my week, I'm really looking forward to it, full of Indian cuisine.

Much Love

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  1. Oooh it all sounds delicious. I was recently sent those sauces too and have only tried the Korma one but it was delicious, I am sure you will enjoy them and I look forward to seeing what you think of the other mixes x #mealplanningmonday


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