Friday, May 15, 2015

I Have Never....

I was doing something perfectly normal, I was taking my hubby to buy some trousers and shirt, for a wedding we're going to. Then we were going to a local supermarket, for a cooked breakfast (my favourite type of meal out!). 

As we were driving to the supermarket we passed a McDonald's, again, perfectly normal. That's when I realised something I'd never done.

I've never had a McDonald's breakfast!

Honestly! I can't even say that I'd fancy one. It got me thinking about all the things, that other people consider normal, that I've never done. 

So I decided to share it with you:

Been to Nando's (honestly, not once)
Successfully changed a plug 
Hammered a nail, into a wall
Been to a night club
Been on a girly weekend with friends
Bathed my boys, as babies (I did try, but almost dropped the eldest underwater, never tried again!!)
Been proposed too (yes, honestly)
Tasted a mango
Felt the urge to travel, see the world
Been in a fight
Lived alone
Gone to college/university
Read, or seen, 50 shades
Climbed a tree
Liked wearing jeans

That's my list! 
Do you have one?
Do you have a list of things you've never done, or even just one thing, that others think of as normal?

I would love to read them. I'm not going to start a link, I want everyone to think about it, not just bloggers. 
(If you are a blogger, feel free to pinch the picture, just give me a nod in the post you write).

Let me know on social media, or a comment below, or via your own blog.

What have you never done?

Much love


  1. Brilliant idea, and it really does show the diversity of people's lives - I've done all of the above apart from the 50 shades one.. I'd love to join in with this xx

  2. Jo you have never been to a night club this I can not believe of you? Really...this must change!

    Great idea, shall have a think and get my bottom in gear if I can and do 'I have never' xxx

  3. Gotta do one of these I've read a few more since yours! It's great to see all the different things people haven't done and I'm like what? Never! But then I've never had maccy d for breakfast, gone to uni or a night club! Xx


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