Saturday, May 23, 2015

Filled with Hope

I thought I would join in with some more blog links, give me ideas of things to write, and I've fancied this one for a while.

The Reading Residence

So what would be my word of the week, this week? What word sums up this week, in particular? My mind immediately goes to 'stress', but no, that is too easy...........and sums me up all the time!

No, I've decided my word, this week, is:

My tween is currently on a school trip. We have had absolutely no notification that they got there safe, actually I've not heard ANYTHING. I hope it's because they are having so much fun!

I've hoped for years that my hubby would stick to his word, and buy me a summer house. I can't get out much, in the sun, I burn very quickly and also get very sick, very quickly. A summer house, with electric so I can have a fan, is something I've wanted since sitting in my mams. It's the perfect way to be outside, without actually being outside.

Today, it got ordered!! 
(Granted, it's actually called a shed, but I will decorate it, no one will know....)

I hope it's easy to put together, as the hubby isn't really up to hard graft. Thankfully the teen is becoming quite handy around the house, so I hope he'll be helpful.

I hope I can keep getting my steps in, this week, with it being half term. My youngest son hates leaving the house, but there's a daddy around this time. Can we all say 'Escape!'.

So, this week, I'm full of hope.

As well as the above, I'm hoping for lie ins, a bit of sunshine. 
Maybe, just Maybe

A date night!

Much Love


  1. Ooh, lots of hopes! Your summer house sounds lovely, look forward to seeing how you decorate it and make it all pretty. I hope your tween has fun, and that you get that date night :) Thanks very much for joining in with #WotW x

    1. I will definitely be sharing the summer house pictures! Finally heard off tween, he seems very happy x

  2. Hello :) My son has just got back from a school trip, the first one he's been on. We had two texts.. one to say they'd arrive and one to say they were on the way home! He had a fabulous time and I'm sure your son is too!

    1. Mine has text, so I know he's having fun lol x

  3. Yay for a summerhouse, i love mine!!

    1. I know! I've been jealous since you had it lol x

  4. Lots of hopes....What a great word! I hope you get everything you want & your son has a great time on his trip! Have a great week x

  5. what a fab way 2to look at things, hope your tween had a good trip and you get your summer house up and decorated soon

  6. I hope your week went well. I can't believe the school didn't inform you that everyone arrived safely. I hope you enjoy your summer house x


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