Wednesday, May 27, 2015

Fat and Happy? Hell no!

There seems to be a lot of 'fat shaming' lately, in the news.

From the awkward Simon Cowell slip, to the persistent, ignorant, rantings of Katie Hopkins. Oh, and not forgetting the beach body thing, that went crazy!

 Every body has an opinion on why people are fat! 

You then have the flip side, a barrage of beautiful, slightly overweight, women saying 'Yes, I'm fat, but I'm healthy and happy'. Basically a big up yours to the fat shamers.

What about those of us that fall between the cracks?
This is me, standing up and saying:

Yes, I am obese.
No, I'm not f**king happy about it!!!!
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I am desperate to lose weight. I hate my size, my body. 
I am proud of it, that it produced 3 beautiful boys. My hubby often lies in bed, with his hand on my stomach, because it grew his sons and he loves it for that. 
Does this embarrass me? 
I can't say I'm a fan, but I understand his point of view. 

I've never felt ashamed of my body, in front of my hubby. He says he loves me the way I am, and I know him well enough to believe him.

I am not healthy, not in the slightest! I take 13 tablets and 2 injections, every single day. 

Am I trying to change?
Hell yes!!

Thanks to the slimpod (there is a picture link on the side of my page), I am changing my relationship with food. I am snacking a lot less, eating smaller portions for meals etc. I'm also exercising a lot more. Yesterday I upped my step goal, on my fitbit, to 12,000 a day. I do hit it, with at least 30 minutes of highly active minutes, included.

This week, I got into a pair of jeans I have not worn in years! (although, still too tight for public viewing).
 I can't see the difference in my size, at all. That's probably because I can't see my body in anything other than a negative way. 

So, no, I'm not fat and happy. If you bring the subject, of my weight, up I will be unhappy (I will possibly cry). I do hate that everyone else can lose it, but I can't. 

But I'm doing my best to change things.
I really am!

(Oh, and please don't say 'simply move more, and eat less', I will most likely hit you)

Much love

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